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Ken is available for conference presentations, consultation, coaching, and interviews. Reach him the following ways to discuss availability and speaking fees.

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Ken Howard


A Christian of Jewish origins, Ken Howard has been an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church since 1993, focusing on church planting and congregational vitality. Prior to ordination Ken was a consultant in organizational development, strategic planning, and conflict resolution. Ken holds a Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary, with honors in Church History for his ground-breaking research into the Jewish origins of early Christianity, published in Jewish Christianity in the Early Church.

Respected and trusted for his expertise in conflict resolution and consensus building among groups with opposing theological and political views, Ken has been called upon to facilitate dialogs on issues ranging from human sexuality to interfaith relations.

When not occupied with the business of pastoring and growing the theologically diverse congregation he helped plant, Ken is available for presentations, workshops, and coaching on the principles of incarnational Christianity outlined in Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community beyond Us and Them.

Publication Details

Title: Paradoxy
Subtitle: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them
Author: Ken Howard
Foreword: Brian McLaren
Afterword: The Very Rev. Dr. Paul Zahl
Cover Design: IHS Designs
Cover Photo: Kees de Vos / Outdoor Sculpture / Delfluent Services BV, The Hague
Author Photo: Mary Beth Howard
Publisher: Paraclete Press, Boston, MA
Publication Daye: September 1, 2010
Pages: 180 (Paperback)
List Price: $16.99 (USA)
ISBN: 978-1-55725-775-8

Paradoxy with Border


North Potomac-Darnestown Patch | Q&A: Rev. Ken Howard on “Paradoxy” in the Christian Church – a print interview by Jill Badanes (10/18/10).

Radio Free Asia | Christian Church Works with Muslim Congregation to Assist Uighur Refugees – a radio interview by the Uighur New Service (6/07)

Reviews & Recommendations

Anglican Theological ReviewReview — Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them (Spring 2011).

Based on a True StoryDiscovering New Oceans – a review by Johan van der Merwe (10/06/10).

BeliefNet – Flunking SainthoodHow Much Can We Know About God? – a review by Jana Reiss (09/30/10).

BrianMcLaren.netParadoxy: Here’s What I Know – a review by Brian McLaren (09/27/10).

The Christian WatershedThe Paradoxy Blog Tour: Reviewing Chapter Six – a review by Joel Borofsky (10/05/10).

Church Planting CentralHanging by a Paradoxical Thread with Ken Howard – a review by Tom Brackett(09/30/10).

Entangled StatesA Radical Middle Way Beyond “Us and Them” – a review by Nick Knisely (10/18/10).

ExploreFaith.orgParadoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them – a review by Andy MacBeth(10/06/10)

ExploreFaith.orgEmergence Christianity: An Annotated Bibliography of Relevant Books – reviews and recommendations by Phyllis Tickle (10/14/10).

Faith MattersFaith Based Books for Giving – reviews and recommendations by Bill Tammeus (10/23-34/10).

Lost in the CloudThe Reading List (12/10/10)

Marginal TheologyPostcolonializing Emergent: An Initial Response to Ken Howard’s Paradoxy – a review by Annie Bullock (11/28/10)

Sarah Laughed – Grace NotesKen Howard’s “Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them” and Why It Rocks – a review by Sarah Dylan Breuer (10/05/10)

Without a MapIs It Really Constantine’s Fault? – a review by Amy Moffitt (09/29/10).

Worship BlogParadoxy – a review by Bosco Peters (09/28/10).

ZoencarnateParadoxy: Paradigm Pathways – a review by Michael Morrell (10/07/10).

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