Books authored by Ken Howard
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Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us & Them
A Biblically grounded, practical book designed to help leaders understand where the Church is today, how it got here, and how to lead it into its future.

A radically incarnational middle WAY of Christian community.
How to create an US without inventing a THEM.

Excommunicating the Faithful: Jewish Christianity in the Early Church
How misunderstandings,along with the institutional Church’s drive for power, certainty, and security, led to the wrongfully exclusion of the last remnant of faithful Jewish Christianity.

Groundbreaking historical research
with implications for today’s churches.

FaithX: Experimental Faith Communities for an Undiscovered Future (Coming 2015)
Today’s faith-based communities and organizations are facing a chaotic environment full of escalating uncertainty, exponential change, and existential choices. Those that make the right choices will emerge more lean, vision-driven, experimental, discerning, context-sensitive, collaborative, nimble, and self-correcting than ever before. FaithX can help you prepare your faith community for these choices.

Seven practices to help your faith community develop
a lean, experimental, flexible, self-guiding, durable organizational culture.

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