St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, which hosts The Paradoxy Center, is a young and growing congregation serving the Darnestown-Germantown-North Potomac area of Montgomery County, Maryland, a member congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of WashingtonThe Episcopal Church, and part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

An incarnational Christian community and the first successful start-up congregation in the Diocese of Washington in more than 40 years, St. Nicholas Church was formed from the remnants of a previous attempt at a church plant in our area, which grew fast but foundered and fragmented in a fight over orthodoxy and who had the power define and enforce it. Informed by the death of this previous congregation, the new start-up team was determined to find a WAY of being Christian that transcended “us/them” divisions over doctrine or practice: a radical new middle way, so anchored by the love of Christ that all other considerations were secondary. 

In the a decade and a half that we have journeyed along this new middle way, our congregation has not only survived but thrived, becoming a model for other churches in our diocese. With that in mind, the congregation encouraged me, its founding pastor, to find ways of sharing what we have learned about incarnational Christian community with a wider audience, first by condensing our learning into a book and then through direct consultation.

The book was eventually published under the title Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them and our consulting practice eventually grew into The Paradoxy Center.

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