A Prayer for Fathers


Our Father in heaven,
we thank you for our earthly fathers,
and for all who have been as fathers to us,
for all they mean or have meant to us,
and for what our fathers are meant to give us:
strength when we need comforting,
tenderness when we are wounded,
patience when we’re difficult,
wisdom when we can’t see the way,
and love at all times,
so that, through them, we get a glimpse
of how you, our heavenly Father, care about us.


Loving God,
bless with your fatherly love
those for whom this day is bittersweet:
those whose fathers have died or who have never known their fathers,
those fathers who have lost children but still treasure them in their hearts,
those who desired to have children of their own to treasure but could not,
those whose relationship with their children or their fathers is difficult,
those who lacked good fatherly role models, yet work to become good fathers,
those who recognize their shortcomings as fathers and seek to make amends,
those who seek to be a presence in their children’s lives despite broken marriages.
Strengthen them by your love that they may become
the loving, caring persons they are meant to be,
through Christ our Lord.



2 thoughts on “A Prayer for Fathers

    • They are intended as a single prayer in two parts, with one amen to both.
      And yes, of course you may use on other sites. All content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Share-and-Share-Alike.
      All that is required is attribution.

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